Adobe Illustrator

Course Duration: 10 hours (2days Weekly, 2hours per day)

Fee: 2,000 BDT

Class Time Schedule: (Per person discussion)
Course highlights:↓

Class (01):

  • Basics Decision
  • Area in Photoshop elements.
  • Menu Bar, Status Bar, Panels & Workspaces.
  • File Formats
  • Saving your work web or pring
  • Toolbox details.

Class (02):

  • Working Documents & Panels
  • Canvas Size & Image Size
  • Resolution
  • Resizing
  • All tools reviews
  • All Panels details

Class (03):

  • Working Documents & Panels
  • Photoshop Color Primer, Color Picker Color & Swatch Panels, Eyedropper.
  • Vector and raster images
  • Image Selection or path selection image & editing.
  • Saving your selections, Transforming selections, Quick Mask mode
  • Image effect & adjustment
  • Images Retouching, Curves, Levels

Class (04) :

  • Introduction to Layers, the Layers Panel Important Layer Information Move, Copy & Transform Layers.
  • Layer effect , Paint Bucket and Fill, Brushes basics
  • Layer Masking, Using Shape Layers & smart object , Merging & Flattening Layers
  • How to use Pencil, Paintbrush and Airbrush and Eraser Tools
  • Resizing brushes, using Gradients.

Class (05):

  • Colors, Special Effects & Filters
  • Basic Color (RGB & CMYK)
  • Picking a color, Store & call on color: the swatches panel,
  • Color code, How to use color
  • Images Styles and Effects
  • Shadows and glows, Bevel and embossing, Using filters effectively,
  • The filter gallery & user filter in images.

Class (06) :

  • Review & Web Template Layout
  • Review old items
  • Discoes Web Template Layout
  • Word press, Joomla, Bolg, Business Template Layout.

Class (07):

  • Review, Photoshop Magic use & project (Web, DTP or others)
  • Discuses: Digital Painting &  Web in Photoshop, Automation of actions, Gradient & Vector masking layers, Stroking and filling paths,  etc.

Class (08):

  • Review Final project and instruction you future
  • Problem and solve.
  • Time Saving Techniques
  • Tips for quality and work alignment.

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